Boreline Flexible Rising Main

Boreline Flexible Rising Main

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Cost Savings

Boreline is lightweight and, of course, flexible so takes up less space than traditional rigid pipes - hence it is easier and less expensive to transport. Why use a heavy truck when you can use a small pick-up or van? For the same reason you do not need a large team to install the product - two people and a rolling wheel are practically all you need to install any length resulting in labour cost savings.

What about long term maintenance costs? Here again, the retrieval procedure is far easier than with rigid pipes. In addition, Boreline is not subject to the corroded or brittle joints found when using steel or PVC risers. The ability to retrieve your pump so easily may enable you to institute a maintenance programme for it to reduce overall costs.

Boreline does not scale internally because of its smooth surface & continuous flexing - in addition to its unique property of swelling under pressure this ensures that your well continues to pump at optimal flow and minimal energy costs.

Boreline also has a long life expectancy and guarantees peace of mind in the long term.


Boreline has been used in a variety of new and replacement applications. These include the pumping of potable or mineral enriched ground water, regular and emergency dewatering of mines and quarries, ground water control on landfill and building sites and to create salt water barriers for the prevention of saline intrusion into potable ground water.

Boreline will suit the majority of well applications and is compatible with most submersible borehole pumps throughout the world. It is available in an unrivalled choice of sizes - from 1" to 8" - and in continuous lengths of up to 200m


Water Regulations Advisory Scheme : Boreline is included in the Water Fittings and Materials Directory, Part Two under the section headed "Items which have passed full tests of effect on water quality - BS 6920" ( item 0512505 ). In accordance with the W.R.A.S. notification dated 19 January 2006, Boreline is thus a "Water Regulations Advisory Scheme - Approved Product" suitable for use in contact with potable water.

Boreline also has NSF / ANSI 61 Drinking Water approval and is approved for use in potable water applications by The Australian Water Quality Centre ( Date tested 13/03/98 ).

Hose Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. satisfy the requirements of ISO9001 : 2000 Quality System assessed by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

Boreline Approval
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