Boreline Flexible Rising Main

Boreline Flexible Rising Main

Please use the navigation menu on the right to explore our Boreline Flexible Rising Main products and services. We have installing these products since 1993 when they first emerged on the market. If you have any further questions please contact us on 0116 286 7845 or visit our contact us page.

Boreline Flexible Rising Main - Introduction

Used successfully in thousands of installations world wide since 1993 you won't find a simpler, safer and more efficient way to install submersible pumps than with Boreline Flexible Rising Main. Offering greater cost savings over the life of the product and superior hydraulic performance advantages over Poly Pipe/PVC Pipe, Fibre Glass and Steel Riser Pipes.

Supplied in sizes ranging from 1" to 8" continuous lengths of up to 200m, with a wide range of accessories available including Positive Grip Couplings, Wellhead Clamps and Installation Rollers.


  • Very Simple to Install and Retrieve

  • Easy to Store, Handle and Transport

  • High Performance Design


  • WRAS Approved (For use in potable water)

  • UKAS

  • SABS

  • NSF 61


  • Long Life

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Totally Corrosion Resistant

  • Zero Maintenance Product

Average Extension 3%     Maximum Diameter Swell 15%     Maximum Operating Temperature 60C

Water pH 4-9

Nominal Size 1" 1" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8"
Inside Diameter 24mm 40mm 50mm 76mm 102mm 127mm 152mm 202mm
Min Well Diameter 75mm 102mm 102mm 152mm 203mm 255mm 305mm 406mm
Burst Pressure 85 bar 65 bar 65 bar 60 bar 58 bar 58 bar 58 bar 45 bar
Operating Pressure 40 bar 30 bar 30 bar 25 bar 25 bar 22 bar 22bar 14 bar
Tensile Strength (Tonne) 1.4 3 4 7 12 15 20 22.2

Please Note - the manufacturer recommends a 3:1 safety factor

Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice

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