Boreline Flexible Rising Main

Boreline Flexible Rising Main

Please use the navigation menu on the right to explore our Boreline Flexible Rising Main products and services. We have installing these products since 1993 when they first emerged on the market. If you have any further questions please contact us on 0116 286 7845 or visit our contact us page.

Boreline Flexible Rising Main - Benefits

  • Available in continuous lengths of up to 200m (650 ft)

  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme - Approved Product

  • NSF / ANSI 61 Drinking Water approved

  • Advantageous in restricted working area

  • Quick and easy to install and retrieve

  • Not subject to microbiological attack

  • Easy to store, handle and transport

  • Corrosion free and does not scale

  • Superior flow rates

  • BS6920 accredited

  • Long life expectancy

  • Potable water approved

  • Light weight and rolls flat

  • Less manpower required

  • Tremendous Tensile Strength

  • Superb hydraulic performance

  Boreline Steel Fibre Glass Poly Pipe / PVC Pipe
Totally Corrosion Resistant tick cross tick tick
Quick and Easy to Install and Retrieve tick cross cross cross
Low Friction Loss tick cross cross cross
Easy to Transport tick cross cross cross
Easy to Store tick cross cross cross
No Support Ropes Required tick tick tick cross
One Continuous Length tick cross cross tick
High Working Pressure tick tick cross cross
Deep Bore Potential (>150m, 500ft) tick tick cross cross
Power Cable Support System tick cross cross cross
Long Life Expectancy tick cross tick tick
Potable Water Approved tick tick Question Mark Question Mark
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